Crockpot Beef Vegetable Soup

Crockpot Beef Vegetable Soup

Crockpot Beef Vegetable Soup always hits the spot. I like this recipe for a lot of reasons. It has lots of beef in it. It also has cabbage that many recipes never include, but I have to have cabbage in my vegetable soup. It just seems to me to be the finishing touch and a very good filler for my appetite. You have got to give this one a try because not only is it so good, it is also very easy to make in the Crockpot. You can make adjustments to this recipe if you want to do that. For example, I put in the vegetables that were called for in the recipe, but you can change the vegetables to what you like and it will still be good.

Crockpot Beef Vegetable Soup


  • 2 tbsp Olive Oil
  • 1 1/2 lb Diced Chuck Roast (Cut 5/8in. Size Pcs.)
  • 28 oz Can of Crushed Tomatoes
  • 1 Small Head of Cabbage (Cut into 1/2in. Strips)
  • 10.5 oz Can of Campbell’s French Onion Soup
  • 8 Beef Bouillon Cubes
  • 28 oz Can of Petite Diced Tomatoes
  • 2 – 16 oz Frozen Mixed Vegetables
  • 1 – 15 oz Can of Beef Broth (Opt.)


  1. Add Olive oil to large frying pan.
  2. Heat pan to medium hot and brown beef chunks on all sides.
  3. Add beef to large Crockpot.
  4. Add can of crushed tomatoes, cabbage strips,  can of Campbell’s French Onion Soup, Beef Bouillon Cubes, can of petite diced tomatoes, two bags of frozen mixed vegetables, and can of Beef Broth if it will fit in your Crockpot (Opt.).
  5. Cook on HIGH for 6 – 7 hours depending on your Crockpot. Check periodically starting at around 5 hours to see if vegetables are tender.
  6. When everything is looking good, serve and enjoy.

We really need to thank 101 Cooking Easy for this delicious Crockpot Beef Vegetable Soup recipe and video.


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